For over 15 years Rialto has been an exclusive supplier of the highest quality Private Label products to Woolworths South Africa, the leading premium quality food retailer in the country. We supply authentic Mediterranean and Asian food products of provenance to Woolworths in categories such as pasta and noodles, olive oils and vinegar, canned tomatoes and vegetables, antipasti and pickles, Asian and Italian sauces, Italian cold meats and Italian and French cheeses. 

Every product is carefully sourced, packed and transported to meet the demanding Woolworths and Rialto standards of quality, provenance and authenticity. This longstanding relationship with Woolworths coupled with Rialto's passion for food and focus on personal service and innovation has led to sustained growth of the Woolworths Private Label product range imported by Rialto. Rialto also supplies select brands exclusive to Woolworths such as the monocultivar and regional oils from Olitalia, and the leading Blue Elephant range of Asian pastes and meal kits.