Founded in 1812 and still owned by the Beretta family 6 generations later, and is a 100% family brand that brings the unique flavour of the very best of traditional Italian processed meats into homes all over the world. The company offers a wide range of Italian delicacy pre-sliced and deli products, which is a leader in Parma Ham production. Retaining its enthusiasm for producing top quality specialties, the Beretta Group has a passion that has been passed on from generation to generation, keeping up with changes in the constantly developing market. The group has heavily invested in its DOP and IGP certified products; and is one of the most important Italian food produces and ambassadors of Italian cuisine.

Beretta applies the deep-rooted tradition of Parma Ham production, with the philosophy that ‘nothing is as modern as tradition’. Beretta uses the essential ingredients of good quality pork, salt, air and importantly, time in the time honoured tradition to deliver a 100% authentic Italian product to customer’s tables across the world.